FAQ Elections Live

Bundestag Election 2017: Pre-Election Period

Are you going to conduct trials prior to the election evening? 
We will simulate election evening. Please join us at one of the dates by opening your widget directly and add the string &seasonArchive=s2013 to find the visualisation of the data without interfere your widgets you are having already included.
For example:
Dates for Simulation:

  • Tuesday, September 19th, 1 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 19th, 5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 20th, 11 a.m.

What do the widgets currently display?
As of right now, widgets with percentages and/or seats are displaying the latest surveys. If you don’t configure anything else, your widgets will switch to Live on Sunday, 24th September at 5.45 pm.
Advice: If you want to control whether survey- or Live-results are displayed in your widgets, you can add several variables to the URL:

  • ?resultType=auto [default]
    Displays surveys until 5.45 pm, switches to Live afterwards (will be empty for 15 minutes at this point). If you want the application to directly switch from survey to live results (without the empty phase in between) please add the following variable to your URL:
  • ?resultType=survey
    Displays surveys only, will NOT switch to live.
  • ?resultType=live
    Displays predictions and projections as soon as results are available (will be empty until that time)

Bundestag Election 2017: Election-Evening

How and when can you contact us?
We are available on Sunday starting 4.30 pm

  • via E-Mail: electionslive@dpa-info.com
  • via Phone: 040-4113 32287

What is the election procedure and when can you expect the first results?
The polling stations close at 6 pm. We will publish a prediction on percentages and seats at this particular point. During the election evening additional projections on percentages and seats will be released. Preliminary results are expected throughout the night.

To which sources do we refer? 
We will refer to ARD and ZDF, which are the two main public-service broadcasters. Both channels will start with an exit-poll at 6 pm and continue through the night with projections. The frequency of projections being broadcasted can be between 20 minutes and two hours.

What is displayed in the constituency-widget?
The constituency-widget displays first- and second-vote results. The first-votes are person-related, they are the votes for the direct candidates. The winner of the first-votes represents the constituency in the Bundestag. The winner of each constituency will be published with name and image in the result.
The second-votes are party-related. They get added to the overall percentage of the party throughout all constituencies.

When can you expect the first constituency-results?
We expect the first final results at around 8.30 pm. This is based on experience, it might still happen that the first result comes in later.

How do constituency-results look like?
Please have a look on our Simulation-Server: http://dpaq.de/6njXo