FAQ Elections Live

Election in Russia 2018: Pre-Election Period

Are you going to conduct trials prior to the election evening? 
We will do one simulation for the election evening. Please join us at the specified date by opening your widget directly and add the string &seasonArchive=s2012 to find the visualisation of the data without interfering with the widgets you have already included.
For example:

Date for simulation:

  • Thursday, March 15th, 11 a.m.

What do the widgets currently display?
At the moment, the widget with percentages is displaying the latest surveys. If you don’t configure anything else, your widget will switch to live on Sunday, March 18th at 7pm.
Advice: If you want to control whether survey- or live-results are displayed in your widgets, you can add several variables to the URL:

  • ?resultType=auto [default]
    Displays surveys until 7pm, switches to Live afterwards, as soon as results are available.
  • ?resultType=survey
    Displays surveys only, will NOT switch to live.
  • ?resultType=live
    Displays predictions and projections as soon as results are available (will be empty until that time)

Election in Russia 2018: Election-Evening

How and when can you contact us?
We are available on Sunday starting 5pm

  • via E-Mail: electionslive@dpa-info.com
  • via Phone: 040-4113 32287

What is the election procedure and when can you expect the first results?
The polling stations close at 7pm. We will publish a prediction on percentages around this particular point. During the election evening additional projections on percentages and first results will be released. Preliminary results are expected on Monday morning.

To which sources do we refer? 
For the surveys and the exit poll we will refer to “VCIOM” (Russian public opinion research center). For intermediate results and preliminary final results we are referring to the Russian electoral comission (ZIK).

What is displayed in the regions-widget?
This widget will display the results of the candidates in the 85 Russian regions.

When can you expect the first region-results?
At the moment we can’t predict when first results will be available.