Frequently asked questions

At this point we would like to provide some answers to the most frequently-asked questions. If they do not address all the issues on your mind we are happy to discuss these with you too. Please get in touch with your regular contact person or contact dpa-InfoActive directly.

1. What technologies and Browsers are supported?
The Applications are put together using  HTML, AJAX and JavaScript (supporting libraries): jQuery v1.7.2, Raphaël). We have optimized the HTML applications for the following browsers: Internet Explorer from Version 8, Firefox from Version 4, Safari from Version 5, Chrome from  Version 13.

2. How does Tracking or Pixel Counting work?
Every significant content change activates an external Javascript function which can be freely and individually edited by every customer. This also provides an IVW-compatible basic measurement. Using this interface a range of other tools can of course be activated, including analytic tools such as Omniture, etracker or Google Analytics. The script can be used for instance in order to replace an advertising banner.

3. How are dpa-InfoActive Graphics updated?
The delivery of applications and dynamic XML or JSON data takes place via FTP-Push onto the customer’s server. At intervals of 15 seconds a check is carried out to see if new or amended content is available. If so, only amended content is transferred, Alternatively, the data can be sent out as SFTP or FTP-Pull. SportsLive-Applications are calibrated by us to update themselves after 60 seconds. This interval can be customized to suit your needs. The automatic update feature can also be deactivated.

4. Does dpa-InfoActive offer Hosting for their Applications ?
Yes, a completely hosted service is possible. Please get in touch with us first since we would need to obtain some information from you before preparing an estimate.

5. How does the implementation of a dpa-InfoActive Graphic actually work?
Incorporating an HTML application from dpa-SportsLive or dpa-ElectionsLive is easy and simply requires a reference to a  “index.html” file or the integration into your website of a Source-Code-Template created by us.

6. How can dpa-InfoActive Graphics be individually adapted?
dpa-InfoActive offers to adapt HTML graphics to suit the individual customer’s CI. This generally covers the colours and typography used along with the incorporation of a sponsor’s logo. Changes regarding content are feasible too Just ask us for an estimate.

7. What are Deep-Links and what can you do with them ?
Our graphics are supplied with Deep Links which are hyperlinks to the sites other than your homepage. This means a graphic can be activated via the season statistics of a particular match, via the game ticker for your local match or a specific constituency result during the federal elections.

8. Is the data in the Application available on its own?
No. The content displayed in dpa-SportsLive and dpa-ElectionsLive applications is always contained in UTF-8 XML or JSON Format and is delivered directly to you. You can find the Feed Documentation in this Showcase.

9. Can other/own content be incorporated?
Yes. The applications are arranged in a modular way which means that content can be blended in or out. If you are interested in other features we can provide you with an estimate. Before-hand  we would need to agree on a joint definition of the interfaces and to put together a detailed catalogue your requirements.

10. Does dpa-InfoActive take on customer contract work?
Yes, If you are looking to enhance the content of any special topic using HTML Graphics but cannot find what you are looking for then just come and talk to us. We’ll happily put together an estimate for you.

11. Can the applications be marketed ?
Yes. The free spaces can naturally be used to carry sponsor information. Please be aware at all times however of the official media guidelines laid down by competition organisers. This also applies to the individual rights of the athletes taking part and whose images you may want to use in creating the pages.