dpa-InfoActive Graphics

Internet media coverage is going through a major transformation. The growing significance of the mobile sector calls for new concepts and a rethink on how editorial content is published. dpa-InfoActive is tuned to these changes. Products are optimized for stationary internet use and for display on Tablets, Smartphones and related devices. Flexibility is the key! This applies both to the range of formats for integrating content into websites and – this is a crucial issue – to supporting the marketing and sustainability of your editorial content.

Individual Layout

dpa-InfoActive offers a whole range of possibilities to let customers customise form and content to suit their individual needs. With a minimum of effort graphics can be adapted to dovetail with the look-and-feel of your site (colours and typography), making sure that they appear as an integral part of your website.


dpa-InfoActive graphics can be used as stands-alone individual modules or else linked to each other. Content can be placed on the site to suit customer wishes and the graphics boost both editorial and visual value. This creates a whole network of dynamic nodes which attract the user to the live graphic material – a sure-fire way to enhance your reach and market penetration.

User Devices

The content and navigation elements of the graphics adapt themselves dynamically to the particular browser geography. Content is displayed to the best advantage on Smartphones, Tablets and desktop computers. Integration involves no extra effort – the device is recognised automatically and the display adapts seamlessly to the material displayed.


The use of widgets can enhance the sustainability of your website. Particularly interesting aspects of live events are backed up with statistics and remain relevant for users long after the actual event is over. The graphic presentation prompts users to keep returning to the site and explore the information it contains in more depth.


dpa-InfoActive gives you the opportunity to use customizable pages to transport your advertising messages or sponsor campaigns using prominent areas in the graphics or interstitials. In this way you can reach the target group of your choice. Let us put you together a tailor-made sponsoring model.

Social Networks

Make good use of your users’ interconnectivity with Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social networks. Fixtures, goals, projections or live events are just a click away and they can be shared with other users. dpa-InfoActive makes this as easy as possible: the dpa-InfoActive graphic automatically generates prepared templates with editable news items containing key facts along with the appropriate back link to your site.